••ProChoix n°14

the Vatican, the "Pro-Lifers" & Beijing +5

Last March, 300 "pro-life" activists invaded the halls of the U.N. where the planning meeting for Beijing +5 was taking place. In the middle of the debate over the influence of the Vatican at the U.N., the anti-choicers tried to stop discussions on the status of the Holy Seat, even if it meant destroying the climate at one of the most important conferences on women's rights since 1995. Who are they? Which "pro-life" associations support the Vatican’s place at the U.N.? Which anti-choice measures can we credit to the to the Holy Seat since the Vatican has been at the U.N.? ProChoix asked....

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Inside : The story of the storming of Prepcom: why now?
• Extracts from the anti-feminist propoganda of CaFHRi (the group behind the storming at the Prepcom)
• A presentation of Human Life International, the group that launched CaFHRi (and whose leader has some disturbing opinions on the subject of Jews and Muslims)
• An unedited interview with a Human Life International activist who tells how he first got to the U.N.
• An article on the Vatican's anti-choice actions at the Cairo Conference in 1994....

And also
• No "au CAPES de religion" (suite)
• Un article sur la loi Falloux de Jeanne Favret-Saada
• les liaisons dangereuses d’Arcat-Sida avec Cheminade et les islamistes
• Une tribune alertant tous ceux qui veulent supprimer l’accouchement sous X
• Le commando anti-IVG des Survivants à Toulouse
• Chasse aux homos au Zimbabwe
• Commémoration de la déportation homophobe à Caen
• Une Eglise intégriste de + • ...

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