ProChoix N°24

(Spring 2003)

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VETO to the America of George Bush

The birth of religious right in USA (Caroline Fourest)


VETO to Europe of Vatican

Enlargment stake (Nicolas Marandon)

Entering of vatican in European community (Fiammetta Venner)

Religion is not welcome in european consitution (Elfriede Harth)

Secularization in Netherlands(Laurent Chambon)


VETO to Sarkozy's France

Candide or the best democracy (Eric Fassin)

Democratie in danger ! (Manifesto)

"When repression is France political goal"(Carole Cayssal & Samuel Katz)



T.A.T.u., Best censored kisses from Russia (Sandrine Severac)

A mysterious duo of Russian Lolitas is currently taking Europe by storm, discreetly taking the third place in the charts with their single. Their trademark: passionate kisses both on stage and in their video clips, which as a result have been censored. This obvious marketing coup has nonetheless very positive effects. By publicly acknowledging their homosexuality, Yulia and Lena, the very young singers of t.A.T.u , encourage teenagers not to be afraid of their sexuality. Such is the message, at least, that the fans recognize when they share their enthusiasm with others on the numerous forums that have sprouted on the Web. For the Web is the media behind t.A.T.u’s growing success: TV stations have taken an interest in the phenomenon only very recently, and still blur the kisses between Lena and Yulia. The media, tabloid press in particular, strongly criticize the group, which also has to deal with a campaign led by anti-child-pornography organizations. Some of the group’s choreographies are, granted, of rather questionable taste, but such violent attacks seem disproportionate, and barely disguise homophobic reactions.

Prostitution : is abolitionism anticapitalist ? (Sébastin Chauvin)

“Is abolitionism anti-capitalist ? A questioning of the "anti-marchandisation" discourse on sexual labor” : a lack of support concerning the recently-emerged prostitutes movement could have been expected on the part of many left-wing, anti-capitalist and feminist organizations. It seems only natural that people struggling against the markets tendency to turn everyone and everything into trading goods would have a hard time with a movement which, to some, seems to "turn the human body into trading goods", even involuntarily. However, analyzing the rhetorics used in this debate shows the paradoxes embedded in such positions, and the ambiguity of normative conceptions of sexuality that lie beneath a seemingly economic discourse.

Clonage : bio-ethic or bio-moral ? (Camille Rigault)

Interview with René Frydman



Open letter to Alain Minc (Elisabeth Hoffman)

READ : Les petits soldats du journalisme - Un cancer et la vie - Nulle et grande gueule - Gais matins

SEEN : Mimi - Nos vies heureuses

SPOKEN : L’intox de la rupture de PaCS pour faute


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Scientific Comitee : Olivier Fillieule, Michel Tort, Évelyne Pisier, Paola Tabet, Colette Capitan, David Halperin, Janine Mossuz-Lavau, Liliane Kandel.

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