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Human life International ?

Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, or CaFHRI, the organizing force behing the storming of Prepcom in march, was launched in 1997 by Human Life International. Created in 1981, Human Life International (HLI) is one of the most important American Catholic Pro-Life Associations. But it is certainly not, as they would like to have us believe, the biggest pro-life association in the world. In fact, it seems that they have no more than 30,000 members in the U.S., and their budget is much smaller that that of, for example, American Life League. Nonetheless, HLI benefits from the support of high-ranking officials in the Catholic Church: not only the the pope, but also Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, who is president of the Pontifical Comission on the Family.
The great strength of HLI is its capacity to branch out. Although its headquarters are in Front Royal, Virginia (a huge architectural mass including offices, a church, warehouses, and a radio station), the organization has branches in 25 states. These branches allow HLI to abundantly distribute their pro-life literature, stickers, audio and video tapes; they also provides the framework for fundraising. Outside the U.S., HLI exists in 53 countries, and is particularly well-represented in Latin America, where the religious right has strong political support.
HLI is well-organized and engages in many different activities, through their main offices but also through sub-organizations. HLI Endowment Inc. is a part of HLI designed to distrubute information in foreign countries. They took part in organizing, for example, the worldwide campaigns against vaccinations. From what information can be obtained, HLI Endowment Inc. spent 1.8 million dollars in 1992 alone. In another example, Population Research Institute, another HLI spinoff, publishes a magazine aimed at proving that over-population is a myth: of course, this facilitates the arguments of the anti-abortion movement. Pro-Life/Family Institute trains pro-life leaders. The Institute includes a pro-life college, The Christendom College, and a group for future priests, Seminarians for Life. .
How does HLI finance all this? In the U.S., religious organizations are considered charities and as such have tax-exempt status: all donations to HLI are tax-deductible. HLI is also supported by the Domino's Pizza Foundation. En 1990, HLI 's was close to 1.9 million dollars. In 1992, it was 4.7 million dollars. Like most pro-life organizations, HLI is against abortion, contraception, euthanasia, and homosexuality. The leader of HLI, Father Paul Marx is also known for his anti-semitic and anti-Muslim digressions. Notably, he has established a list of Jews who support a woman’s right to choose. In his book Confessions of a Prolife Missionary, he refers to the protests sparked by the Pope's visit with Kurt Waldheim as "the furious objections of some Jews." All this is in a chapter called "Pro-Abortion Jews and the New Holocaust." Marx also cites William Brennan's The Abortion Holocaust: Today's Final Solution, the Bible of anti-abortionists, which likes nothing more than to compare abortion to the "final solution," and to compare those who support abortion to nazis. In his latest book, Faithful for Life, Marx tries to respond to the charge of anti-semitism his previous book earned him by citing Yehuda Levin, a pro-life rabbi. Marx continues, explaining that he does not hold a grudge against Orthodox Jews, but rather against those Jews who, not understanding that a new Holocaust is underway, do nothing to stop "Jewish aborters."
Father Paul Marx is no nicer when it comes to Muslims. In the chapter of his book devoted to Germany, Marx writes, "Muslims are invading Europe.... If you are not a friend of Allah, you are an enemy." He even goes so far as to imagine that all Turkish doctors in Germany who perform abortions are part of a consipracy to get rid of Christian babies.
Only in France was HLI been unable to meet its goals. When they arrived in Paris for their conference in October 1998, they were met with a pro-choice counter-demonstration: they gave up the idea of opening a French branch. Since then, HLI seems to be going downhill; they recently annouced the closing of their Canadian branch, and the departure of Father Paul Marx, who will be soon be retiring.

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