Members of the 77 group do you know who are your allies ?

The Vatican and their friends are telling you that feminists, prochoices, United Nations, occidentals are supporting abortion because they are racists, because they are imperialists. But do you know how are
speaking about you, the supporters of Christian moral order ?

Since years, Holy See is trying to convince you that abortion is a ``United Nations`` plot, am ``American and European tentative to exterminate muslims by birth control``.

At Beijing, but also in Cairo conference this argument have seduced some of you. A large number of delegates and NGO from countries such as Argentina, Egypt,Algeria, Iran, Lybiam China…) have helped The Pope in his work. With your help, presented by the Holy See as oecumenical, the Vatican obtained the modification and ever the suppression of progressive texts on abortion and homosexuality.

Today in New York, the American religious right is already happy of converting you to it`s agenda. But would your inhabitants appreciate you working with this new surprising friends. We have no doubts about the reaction of muslims citizens and African citizens if they learn that you choose, to support anti-muslims knowing who they were.

• About Racism
For your information. Most ``prolife`` organizations are composed of racist and anti-muslims volunteers. For example, look what is saying Father Paul Marx, the founder of Human Life International and a close friend of John Paul II ``Christian must struggle against abortion to stop muslims invading Europe with their childrens``. During the apartheid, he was saying about South Africa : `` The Blacks tell you openly that their children are their weapons and indeed they are " (Confessions of a
prolife missionary). Human Life International has largely contributed to create Catholic family and Human Rights, of Austin Ruse who stormed at last march prepcom.

• About Imperialism...
Who really is asking for being the church, the european church, the only one. Who is struggling against communism since the sixties. Those who are telling you they are prolife, have an history dealing with maccarthysm, against third world. They have a large responsibility in Ronald Reagan imperialism in south America. Most leaders of the American religious right are members of the WACL (World anti-communist league).

• Let's talk about the actions of the prolife in your countries...
We are told that UN have bad intentions in your countries. But do you know that `prolife` organizations are having criminal politics in your
countries. Since the 70`s prolife groups are visiting your countries, to deliver their christian propaganda. For , HLI Endowement inc (a filiale of HLI) has spent 1,8 million dollars en 1992 in ads and pamphlets against vaccines all over the world.

For more informations, watch the interview of father Paul Marx

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